Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies Who Love Asian Food

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies who Love Asian Food

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored at all. Just wanted to show off some Asian-owned businesses for your holiday shopping.

Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone! Everyone seems to be getting ready with some holiday shopping, so I figured I’d put together a guide to help you out by featuring some items that foodies who love Asian food would love all together in one place. I initially thought about this because I was trying to figure out how to tell people about my new Jen’s Food Lab sticker line.

Announcing my new sticker line!

Looking for the finishing touch for a holiday gift? Love cute stickers and Asian food? Well, you’re in luck because I just launched my line of Asian food inspired stickers with 2 super cute ones:

1️⃣ Inspired by my Dim Sum Board creation (think dim sum x charcuterie board), this sticker is full of adorable animated dim sum favorites. See if you identify all the emojis in there! 

2️⃣ For my next sticker, FOOD, but make it Asian! Showcase your love for food with this sticker with a cute bao and egg tart in place of the Os in FOOD! 

Unfortunately, right now, I am only selling these within the United States (but trying to figure out international shipping)

Buy the stickers here!

A little bit on the why:

As you may know, I love sharing Asian flavors, fruits, dim sum and bakery traditions that I grew up with to everyone! For example, every year for my Microsoft work anniversary and my birthday, I bring in a huge cake that is always made up of different Asian-inspired flavors, such as my latest one, which was black sesame and persimmon marbled cake with salted egg yolk buttercream frosting.

I figured that I’d introduce these new unfamiliar Asian flavors (persimmon, black sesame, salted egg yolk) in a familiar way (cake!), kind of a reverse fusion. The awesome reactions that colleagues had to my cakes, many who have never even heard of these flavors before, inspired me to work on self-publishing a cookbook as a side project!

While I’m still working on this cookbook that will be full of Asian-inspired recipes and unique flavors, you can support me by buying my stickers!

Now enough about me, let’s get to the rest of the gift guide! I asked fellow creatives to say a little bit about what they’re selling for this gift guide, so here you go:

  1. hiii!! 🤗💕 i run a small art shop and i sell asian food themed stickers!!! I also have art prints and one of them is a taiwan/chinese inspired night food market, you can find them here:✨
  2. Hello!! I have lots of boba and asian food pins and prints 🙂 (US shipping only during USPS covid holds)
  3. hellooo!! i have some cute lil asian food stickers/postcards in my shop!
  4. My shop is inspired by Cantonese culture and sells stickers, badge reels, greeting cards, and a book about dim sum! 🤗✨Free shipping in the U.S. and paid shipping to Australia and Canada. https://steaminghappiness.com
  5. I make pom pom accessories that celebrate Asian food 😊 (I only ship in the US).
  6. Hi there! It’s not much but I make sushi print cotton face masks and musubi stickers etc… And I’ll be adding some more fun things (rice cooker, fish balls, milk tea stickers & totes, etc) by the end of the month.
  7. My entire candle business (Baisun Candle Co.) is inspired by nostalgic Asian scents and traditions. If you’re interested, check us out!We’re currently running a candle giveaway for our Melona Coconut candle (I know we love FREE 😜).
  8. I illustrate and design Yum Cha and Bao inspired baby bodysuits, bandana bibs and milestone cards! 🥟 All designed in Australia 🇦🇺
  9. I just released my first children’s book ‘I Love You, Little Dumpling’ featuring various dumpling characters inside with a matching Baby Dumpling plushie. I am based in Hong Kong but we do flat rate worldwide shipping. My website is: IG:
  10. Awesome! I invent new, original cute yet functional boba products! Boba backpack, happy/mad reversible boba plush, secret pouch boba plush, boba candles, hard enamel pins, ultra cute animals sipping boba stickers, boba scunchies/masks, boba blankets, t-shirts, some boba snacks, and boba protein powder (coming soon)! I ship worldwide (but international shipping is expensive ;( )
  12. Hi! I make handcrafted bath and body products Https://
  13. Hello! I run a NYC vegan frozen shop that carries and distributes over 200 varieties of vegan products and we ship anywhere in States. Please visit us at😊
  14. thank you for doing this!!💛i sell some asian snack stickers (himalayan) at my shop ☺️
  15. I’m a volunteer for Welcome to Chinatown, and we have our own merch collection called Made In Chinatown NYC. Welcome to Chinatown is a grassroots initiative aimed at supporting small businesses and amplifying community voices in Manhattan Chinatown following increased racism and xenophobia during COVID-19. We created Made in Chinatown with the help of our volunteer design team in partnership with other small businesses in Manhattan Chinatown to make merchandise for the small businesses that we all know and love! All of the proceeds from our merchandise go directly back into the business respectively.
  16.… lots of food pins, puns, and other goodies 🥖🍔🍟🍕🧀🍙🍚🍺🍷🥟🍣🍳🥐I can ship worldwide, esp the stickers/ cards!
  17. I have food stickers and shirts at! We ship worldwide
  18. We sell stickers and have a few that fit in the asian food category! Here’s our link! We can ship basically everywhere that is allowing for USA-based businesses to ship!
  19. I have prints, stationary, tech, home decor, and more! I also ship worldwide❤️
  20. My shop is a mix of things but I have a print inspired by my love for asian snacks!
  21. Here’s my Asian America cookbook 😊…/melting-pot-by…/-/A-80958293
  22. Zero waste soaps made with Asian ingredients like dragon fruit juice, green tea, ginseng, etc:

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