Support my cookbook!

As you may know, I love sharing Asian flavors, fruits, dim sum and bakery traditions that I grew up with to everyone! For example, every year for my Microsoft work anniversary and my birthday, I bring in a huge cake that is always made up of different Asian-inspired flavors, such as my latest one, which was black sesame and persimmon marbled cake with salted egg yolk buttercream frosting.

I figured that I’d introduce these new unfamiliar Asian flavors (persimmon, black sesame, salted egg yolk) in a familiar way (cake!), kind of a reverse fusion. The awesome reactions that colleagues had to my cakes, many who have never even heard of these flavors before, inspired me to work on self-publishing a cookbook as a side project!

While I’m still working on this cookbook that will be full of Asian-inspired recipes and unique flavors, you can support me by buying my stickers! Unfortunately, right now, I am only selling these within the United States.


Two Dim Sum Board Stickers (3″ x 2.8″)

Inspired by my Dim Sum Board creation (think dim sum x charcuterie board), this sticker is full of adorable animated dim sum favorites. See if you identify all the emojis in there! You’ll receive 2 of these cute stickers!

7.50 $


Two Asian FOOD Stickers (2.2″ x 1″)

FOOD, but make it Asian! Showcase your love for food with this sticker with a cute bao and egg tart in place of the Os in FOOD! You’ll receive 2 of these cute stickers!

7.00 $


Jen’s Food Lab Combo Pack

Get the best of both worlds with two of each sticker! You’ll receive two Dim Sum Board stickers and two Asian FOOD stickers. This is definitely a deal, since 10% off of the individual prices!

13.00 $