Spin the Wheel of Cooking Fortune!

Looking for a cooking adventure? Spin the Wheel of Cooking Fortune, which is brand new mystery experience, inspired by the classic fortune cookie experience, that help will help you keep things interesting in the kitchen with a little or a lot of Asian flair.

Ranging from cool new ingredients that you might not have tried before or creative prepared foods/snacks from upcoming food entrepreneurs to cute cooking utensils or fancy dinnerware to add to your kitchen, the sky’s the limit with what you might get! Anything goes with these mystery boxes, so if you love surprises or looking for a great gift, try one out to see what I’ve curated for you!

Here are four separate pricing tiers that you can choose from below:

Two Dim Sum Board Stickers (3″ x 2.8″)

Inspired by my Dim Sum Board creation (think dim sum x charcuterie board), this sticker is full of adorable animated dim sum favorites. See if you identify all the emojis in there! You'll receive 2 of these cute stickers!


Two Asian FOOD Stickers (2.2″ x 1″)

FOOD, but make it Asian! Showcase your love for food with this sticker with a cute bao and egg tart in place of the Os in FOOD! You'll receive 2 of these cute stickers!


Fortune Mystery Box

Bring in some good fortune into your home with our Fortune Luck Mystery Box! Wouldn't it be cool to be surprised by a brand new soup bowl, delicious exotic fruits, or a delicious set of Asian spices? Or something even cooler!


Prosperity Mystery Box

Nothing but prosperity with our Prosperity Luck Mystery Box! Share a meal with a new utensils set, an interactive cooking lesson, or some special ingredients that will make your dish stand out. Or maybe something completely different!